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 We provide consulting services to create and bring to market meaningful products generating impact through design 

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Our team offers clients the expertise to transform their abstract vision into a quality product with a clear and defined market approach. Applying our knowledge and understanding of culture and market trends we make your designs a reality!  


GloDea has new designs ready for production. These innovations meet our standards for excellence in design combined with a sophisticated understanding of technical performance, cost and quality.  


Shopping is not only about a purchase, it is also about an experience. Our work in retail solutions shape design space to showcase products, serve customers effectively, and meet your business objectives creating fulfilling, memorable customer purchasing experiences. 


Graphic expression and visual thinking are a central part of human recognition. Current marketing and communication tools enable consumers and companies to converse with each other. Allow Lejarcegui Corporation to augment market visibility by creating the designs for your brand. We create institutional branding which is both desirable to consumers and viable for businesses. 

Going to market

Our team understands how to effectively bring your products and services to the market. Our unique approach creates both new enhancements and improvements to existing products significantly increasing market appeal.  


The goal of all artists is to create experiences that are memorable and engaging. The goal of the artistic advisor is to help the artist achieve inspired nirvana, a perfect harmony between the individual and the art, without any interference in the creation whether it is a sculpture, painting or photograph.

We believe that to be understood artwork needs to be simple, comprehensive expressions of the artist’s intentions. Lejarcegui recognizes that art allows public participation and individual re-creations of the art itself. Our work is based on fundamental artistic needs.

About us

Design Consultancy

We provide consulting services for our clients and help them create and bring to market meaningful products, services and experiences, generating impact through design. 

Since the 2008, GloDea has been committed to delivering innovative design solutions to ensure merchandise artistry and market appeal. Ignacio Santos is the founder and CEO of the company, and has more than twenty  years of experience in design consulting working in Brazil and Europe. 

The GloDea story began in 1972 in the southern regions of Brazil and Uruguay when the company began working in architecture and engineering. Ignacio created a second chapter to the story when he transitioned the company to design consultancy. Today the corporation boasts over XXXX years experience in designing and producing projects to meet our high standards of efficiency, quality and market impact. 

GloDea works across a broad spectrum of products including furniture, decorative accents, consumer electronics, and toys serving various industries including retail, government, and nonprofit entities.

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